About Us

Committed to providing the food industry oleoresins , spices and ingredients of the highest quality

We are a Mexican company founded in 2007, committed to offer the highest quality ingredients to the food industry.

Oleoespecias is dedicated to the importation and sale of oleoresins, grinding and mixing of spices and chilis and the manufacture of mexican chili pulps, we also distribute food ingredients for the food industry.

Our excellent product have led us to be present in several countries in Latin America.

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Oleoespecias SA de CV
Vicente Guerrero 1251B
El Mante C.P. 45235
Zapopan, Jalisco México
Tel(s) +52 33 3813 1424
52 33 3813 1427

Km 3, vía Roldanillo- Zarzal
Roldanillo, Valle del Cauca
CP: 761550